Thursday, September 4, 2008

First online quiz and students joining Wikispaces & the Ning

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Students took their first online quiz in Moodle today. Actually it was just a short quiz to get them used to using Moodle in the classroom this year. Most did pretty well, I did have to reset some passwords today because some students forgot what we did on Tuesday when we set up their usernames and passwords and created their account.

Then we moved onto joining the HSTE Project Wikispace. That worked out well, as of this afternoon 74 students had joined the wikispace. We even were able in most classes to create team pages and individual team members pages. Next week I am planning on a few days to have the customize these pages and to have them choose 3 different health care careers that they are interested in and doing some online research and to build their own page. This could be a lot of fun as well as I am interested in seeing what they will create.

Yesterday, while I was away from school we had the students create their Ning profile and join the HSTE Project ning site. For the most part, that went well. I did have a few problems with some students off task and using some proxies to go around the school filters to access MySpace. Well, we dealt with that today and hopefully we will not see a repeat of not staying on task and working on school work instead of playing on the computer.

Well tonight we have a high school football game and then tomorrow, Friday we will wrap up a good week for the HSTE Project.

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