Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008


4 days down, 183 to go!  That sounds like a long time right now.  So far, all of my classes have been great.  I do have 3 sections of Freshman in Introduction to Health Science Technology with close to 30 students in each class which is challenging, but it has been a good week so far.

Now to the HSTE Project stuff.  We have made some progress.  I have spent the first two days introducing the project to the students as well as going over classroom procedures, and showing them some of the possibilities using some Web 2.0 Tools that we may be using during the course of the year.

I showed them my talking avatar from Voki which seemed to be a pretty big hit in most classes.

Get a Voki now!

I did have a little confusion that I had to straighten out today, apparently some  student thought that they had to have their own laptop to participate in my class.  Well, what I had really told the students in class, was this, if they had a laptop, they were more than welcome to bring it into class and use it to access the HSTE Project wikispaces and Ning sites.

Well a little bit of confusion in the first week is to be expected.  So, I had to reiterate what it really is that we will be working on in class and hopefully that will be the last mistake of that kind.

As a parent myself I guess that I would question my children if one of them said that they had to have a laptop for a class.  (All of mine did and do have access to family laptops while they were in high school).

So, I am very happy with the start we have gotten  off to in all of my classes and now it is time to start preparing for next week and beyond.

Until next time...

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